Are you always tired when traveling? Probably didn't choose the right shoes

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Are you always tired when traveling? Probably didn't choose the right shoes

Traveling depends on one pair of feet. If the shoes are not good, the experience will be very bad: tiring but also hurting the feet.

Most people have bought shoes themselves, but in fact, not everyone can buy comfortable shoes that satisfy themselves, especially travel shoes. After reading this article, you must have a new understanding of shoe selection.

When choosing travel shoes, you must pay attention to this point (in fact, not only travel shoes, but all shoes should be chosen in this way): not only the length, but also the height and width.

In fact, it is not simply the length, width and height, but the synthesis of three-dimensional. After all, a foot is a three-dimensional object. For simplicity, the length, width and height are used first.

In essence, shoes are containers for feet. The so-called containers need to be stored well. The premise of preserving an object is to understand its shape and possible deformation. Feet are not immutable, especially in the process of movement.

When the foot touches the ground, the weight of the body is distributed from the ankle to the heel, to the forefoot to the foot circumference. The pressure of weight (even heavier) leads to lower and longer arches, longer feet, wider soles, and greater fatness. This growth may be about 3-5 mm, or even 6-8 mm (judging from the size of the foot itself, the growth of big feet is greater than that of small feet).

Because feet are not regular objects, it is difficult to simply use the length, width and height to simulate, and shoes are not simple containers. In order to make shoes a container for better storage of our feet, we must fully consider the 3D of feet at rest, the 3D of feet under load, and the possible deformation in motion. So people invented shoe last - shoe making mold.

Shoe last, in short, refers to the internal space of the shoe. When designing this space, it must be able to accommodate the largest and longest foot, otherwise it is an unreasonable design. Different shoes have different shoe lasts; The last of sports shoes must be different from that of leather shoes; The sports shoe last must be able to accommodate all possible deformation of the foot during the movement. This is why running shoes should be worn, climbing shoes should be worn, and travel shoes should be worn when traveling - the shoe last design is fundamentally different.

Generally speaking, the inner length of the shoe is about 1-2 cm longer than the foot (the thickness of the adult index finger is about 1.5-2 cm). This is based on the manufacturing standard of shoe last. Generally, the allowance of male shoe last and female shoe last with plain head is 20mm and 16.5m respectively. At the same time, the change of allowance changes with the change of last shape. Generally, the smaller the head shape (sharp and narrow), the greater the allowance; On the contrary, the larger the head shape (thickness, width), the smaller the allowance. In addition, the foot will move forward 5~10 mm relative to the shoe due to the impact of moving along the line. Therefore, the shoe last must have enough allowance and proper last shape and data size to help reduce the impact of pressure on the foot, so that the foot can move forward and backward, up and down less when walking in the shoes, making the foot feel comfortable.

In the specific operation, we can not bring a ruler, which can be less accurate. Generally, when buying and testing shoes, the foot top reaches the front, and a finger can be easily inserted from the heel of the shoe opening, which means the length is appropriate. Why insert a finger "easily"? Because the fingers are elastic, so are the shoes. If the hard plugs are easy to insert, you can't estimate whether the length is appropriate. If the shoe is short, there is no buffer zone at the heel toe during walking, and it is easy to damage the toe. Of course, you can't buy too long. If your feet slide too much in the shoes, they will blister easily.

Then look at the width.

First, let's study your feet to see where the widest foot is, usually at the back of the toe, that is, the metatarsal bone. Of course, if your feet are not, you may need to customize shoes. There should be no shoes that really suit you in the market.

If you often encounter the right length when buying shoes, that is, squeezing your feet, then you probably have wide feet. At this time, you should pay attention to the wide version of shoes. Many brands have widened shoes (if you have a favorite brand, you can ask customer service). Never choose shoes that squeeze your feet, and don't sacrifice your length for the right width. This is also bad for your feet.

As for the foot dimension of Chinese people, the country has also developed a reference table through big data, as follows:

Footprint size Long toe circumference

34 21.6-22CM 20.1-20.5CM

35 22.1-22.5CM 20.6-21cm

36 22.6-23CM 21.1-21.5CM

37 23.1-23.5CM 21.6-22CM

38 23.6-24CM 22.1-22.5CM

39 24.1-24.5CM 22.6-23CM

40 24.6-25CM 23.1-23.5CM

41 25.1-25.5CM 23.6-24CM

42 25.6-26CM 24.1-24.5CM

43 26.1-26.5CM 24.6-25CM

44 26.6-27CM 25.1-25.5CM

The so-called plantar circumference is the size of the widest part of the foot obtained by circling it with a tape.

It can be seen from the above table that the length of standard feet is about 1.5cm longer than the circumference of the plantar. From this, we can simply infer that if it is less than 1.5, the foot is wide, and if it is greater than 1.5, the foot is thin.

This table can also give us an inspiration. If the length of shoes made in China and those facing Chinese people is fixed, their width is not marked, but we can also calculate it in this way. For example, if a size 42 shoe is 260mm long, its corresponding plantar circumference is 245mm.

The width of shoes is classified in detail in Europe and America. For example, under the same shoe size in European and American standards, there are five different widths of women's shoes and four different widths of men's shoes:

1. X-Narrow: women's shoes size S or AA

2. Narrow: women's shoes N or A, men's shoes N or C

3. Normal medium width: women's shoes size M or B, men's shoes size M or D

4. Wide: women's shoes W or D, men's shoes W or EE (2E)

5. X-Wide: women's shoes XW or EE (2E), men's shoes XW or EEEE (4E)

The length of the shoes is suitable for squeezing the feet on both sides. Don't forget to ask the customer service if there are any wide shoes.

Also pay attention to the walking habits.

When you are free, you can walk barefoot and observe the state changes of your feet after landing.

When the foot bears the weight and pressure of the body in the process of walking or movement, the ground area at the bottom of the foot will change, and the length and width of the foot will also expand. The foot length will increase by 5-6mm, and the foot width will also increase by 4-5mm.

My feet don't look too wide in static state, but after landing, my toes are used to separating, which makes it comfortable to choose wide shoes, otherwise my little toes will be squeezed and swollen after a long walk.

Everyone has different walking habits. These habits are also important factors that affect your choice of the right shoes.

How to judge whether the width of a pair of shoes is appropriate? When you put your feet in, there is no obvious squeezing on both sides of the widest part, and you don't feel squeezing when you walk two steps, so it is basically appropriate. However, it should be considered that it takes a long way to travel, and your feet will swell a little. Therefore, it is better to walk three or five kilometers before trying on travel shoes to find the right feeling.

About height.

The arch of the foot is higher than that of ordinary people. When wearing shoes, I always feel that the instep is under great pressure. The leather shoes even need to be two sizes larger. High arch of foot is a disease that needs to be treated. If you want to know your foot type, there is a simple test method: wet the sole of your foot and print it on thin paper. In case of flat feet, the arch of the inner side of the sole of the foot is small, and the whole foot board is almost close to the ground when standing. On the contrary, those with high arch feet have too high arch radian to be close to the ground. How to buy shoes with high arches? You can ask the doctor. This is not discussed here.

Generally speaking, as long as your feet are normal, the shoes are qualified products, the length and width are appropriate, and the height are also appropriate. In particular, most travel shoes are tied with ropes, which can be adjusted to achieve the most comfortable state.

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